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Precise online monofilment diameter measurement


​OFDA-MFX is a technology that allows rapid high resolution measurement of the diameter and defects of monofilaments. OFDA-MFX is based on intelligent image analysis of a line scan digital video sensor to greatly improve accuracy over previous laser and shadow based technology. 


A profound technical knowledge, experience in the market as well as close collaboration with the customs guarantee professional handling of every project. 

The software records data, generates trending information and label printouts for the product. 


Technology Features

  • Non contact measurement makes non destructive measurements and easy material handling

  • No moving parts to ensure high reliability

  • Ultra high speed to detect short defects

  • Customised software facility

  • The most cost effective system on the market  

  • Compact design allows fast integration into production lines

  • Excellent resistance to dust and dirt particles

  • Multiple digital outputs for mulitple defect alarms

  • Labels print out for spool identification and defect print out for quality control

Visual display of yarn

Visual display of yarn

Numerical display of yarn

Numerical display of yarn

MFX trigger.png

Alarms can be used to trigger upper and lower diameter limits to immediately notify the operators of any change in the process

  • Slubs

  • Necks

  • Broken fibres 

  • Thick, thin, surface measurement 

  • Diameter distribution 

  • All data can be exported to spreadsheets for analysis 

Defect image captured by OFDA MFX

Slub test

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