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Revolutionary fibre diameter and length measurement technology

Our Products

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Glass, ceramic, synthetic, carbon fibers
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Glass, carbon, basalt, aramid, PP, PI, PET fibers
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Cotton maturity and fineness
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online monofilament measurement


Fibremetrics Pty Ltd insturments are used in over 30 countries around the world. We have been designing and manufacturing fibre measurement instruments for almost three decades.



I would like to let you know our experience with Diamscope, of which we have already purchased 3 units.  For an organisation that produces and/or uses fiberglass related products, Diamscope is a must have instrument because:

  1. In Process Quality Control, the quick analytical results of mean fiber diameter and its distribution will enable process engineers to adjust the process parameter immediately and thus, avoid production downtime.  

  2. In Product Quality Control, speedy analysis allows the chemists to have a  much wider choice of sampling and therefore much better statistical results.

As a research and consultant company, we have frequently encountered such situations with our customers.  Diamscope has helped us to resolve the problems successfully. 

Cary Wan, Consultant
Previously GM and Plant Manager, Owens Corning (Guangzhou, China)

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